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Hello there! I am Burak,

Hello there! I am Burak,

Digital Marketing Specialist

I produce English & Turkish content about SEO, Performance Marketing and Social Media Management. So would you like to get to know me better?

Digital Marketing Specialist Burak Şengüloğlu


Stop saving the day and invest in the future. Look at search engine optimization from a different perspective.

Performence Marketing

Learn the tricks of Google Ads, Meta Business, Twitter Ads, Criteo and other digital ads.

Social Media

Know the unknown about social media, the communication channel with the highest screen time.


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Digital Marketing FAQ

What is Digital Marketing?2022-12-18T11:31:43+03:00

Digital Marketing is the name given to all of the online marketing activities carried out on search engines, social media platforms, external websites, content platforms and digital communication channels.

With Digital Marketing, various optimization processes are carried out on other platforms such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to climb up the results page of search engines, Local Optimization to differentiate in map applications, and shopping.

One of the most important communication channels for Digital Marketing is the Social Media platforms. Both content marketing and digital advertising projects are carried out on these platforms.

In addition to these sub-branches, there are also digital advertisements on various websites, conducting marketing communications via e-mail, and producing remarketing strategies through information channels such as push and sms.

What is a Digital Marketing Specialist? What Does It Do?2022-12-18T11:30:04+03:00

Digital Marketing Specialist, one of the popular professions of today, takes responsibility for recognition activities around the web, social media, games and applications for an institution, brand or well-known person; The people who determine the target audience within the scope of these activities and develop the right marketing strategies for this target audience are called Digital Marketing Specialists.

While Digital Marketing Specialists are usually graduates of departments such as Public Relations and Advertising, which provide corporate communication training; People who have graduated in fields such as Engineering, Architecture, Business Administration and Economics – and even those whose last school is at the High School level – can also get the title of Digital Marketing Specialist by improving themselves.

Digital Marketing Specialists usually carry out marketing activities in search engines, social media platforms, external websites, content platforms and digital communication channels that are involved in digital marketing activities.

These studies begin with analysis, develop with strategy, put into action with practice, and end with a report.

Although Digital Marketing Projects are usually created for certain periods, they are always part of a communication that must continue. If the Digital Marketing Specialist is in a managerial position, he ensures the continuity of the project by getting the maximum efficiency from these projects.

How Much is a Digital Marketing Specialist Salary in Turkey?2022-12-18T11:36:58+03:00

There are different senior positions in the field of Digital Marketing. These are Digital Marketing Assistant Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Executive.

Apart from these classifications, there is also an experience classification called Junior (0-3 Years), Mid-Level (3-7 Years) and Senior (7+ Years). While each company flexibly determines its own experience classification, these are the average times.

The salary scale in the field of Digital Marketing is on a wide scale depending on the experience and title. According to the 2022 data of Kariyer.net and various HR websites, the Digital Marketing Officer has an income (monthly) of between 6,000 TL and 9,500 TL, the Digital Marketing Specialist between 9,000 TL – 19,000 TL, the Digital Marketing Manager between 15,000 TL and 31,000 TL, and the Digital Marketing Coordinator has an income of 25,000 TL and above.

How to Become a Digital Marketing Specialist?2022-12-18T11:39:56+03:00

As of 2023, you do not have a chance to get a diploma directly in the field of Digital Marketing in Turkey, except for a few vocational schools. Those working in the field of Digital Marketing consist of graduates of Advertising, Communication and Engineering, especially graduates of the Department of Public Relations. Especially with analytical thinking, mathematical knowledge and reporting ability, Engineering graduates can find jobs in many Digital Marketing fields.

However, the development of an individual in this field is not only related to the University education he received. You can become a good Digital Marketing Specialist with special trainings, courses and individual efforts.

What are the Digital Marketing Specialist Trainings in Turkey?2022-12-18T11:41:43+03:00

In our country, there are many courses, certificates and course options under the names such as Digital Marketing, Google Advertising and Search Engine Optimization trainings.

The most well-known of these are Google, Linkedin Learning, Udemy, Hubspot Academy, Semrush, Bilge Adam, Acunmedya Academy, BTK Academy and continuing education centers of some universities.

How and Where to Get a Digital Marketing Specialist Certificate in Turkey?2022-12-18T11:43:26+03:00

Digital Marketing Specialist is actually a title, and there are many certifications to support this title and competency. The most important of these is the Meta Blueprint certificate. This certificate is given with a success evaluation that is tested with a very reliable method at the end of the online trainings received. Google Analytics and Google Ads certificates are also very popular certificates.